Month: November 2023

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Electrify America Charging Challenges: Navigating the EV Landscape

In this detailed account, we journey through the ups and downs of EV road trips, particularly focusing on the challenges faced with Electrify America's charging network. From crowded stations to network issues, this trip during the Thanksgiving rush offers a revealing look into the current state of EV infrastructure. Despite the hurdles, the experience underscores a crucial phase in the transition towards sustainable mobility, highlighting the growing demand for a more efficient and reliable EV charging ecosystem.

Navigating the Volume Divide: FCC Regulations and the Streaming Loophole

Explore the regulatory divide in broadcast and streaming TV volume levels in our latest blog. Delve into the FCC's CALM Act's effectiveness on traditional TV and how streaming services like YouTube TV exploit loopholes, leading to higher ad volumes. Understand the challenges of regulating these platforms and the potential for future comprehensive regulations. Stay informed about the evolving landscape of digital broadcasting and its impact on viewer experience