Electrify America Unveils First Indoor Flagship EV Charging Station in SF

Get ready to experience the future of EV charging in San Francisco! Electrify America has unveiled their groundbreaking indoor flagship station at 928 Harrison St. Discover the ultimate dream destination for EV drivers.

Big news from the electric vehicle (EV) world that’s sure to spark some excitement, especially for our San Francisco folks. Electrify America, a name synonymous with pushing the boundaries of EV charging, has just upped the game. Their first-ever indoor flagship station has rolled out in the heart of San Francisco, and it’s nothing short of an EV driver’s dream come true.

A Glimpse into the Future: 928 Harrison St.

Nestled just a stone’s throw from the Bay Bridge, in the vibrant South Market (SoMa) neighborhood, this indoor charging haven at 928 Harrison St. is a game-changer. Imagine this: you pull up, and instead of the typical outdoor charging scenario, you’re welcomed into a climate-controlled sanctuary equipped with 20 hyper-fast chargers capable of delivering up to 350 kilowatts (kW) of power. We’re talking the kind of speed that gets your EV juiced up and ready to roll in no time.

More Than Just a Charge: A Customer Oasis

But Electrify America didn’t stop at just providing lightning-fast charging. They’ve reimagined the whole waiting game. Picture lounging in a dedicated area, sipping your favorite beverage, and catching up on emails or socials via complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi. And yes, there are restrooms – a much-appreciated amenity for any traveler.

24/7 Access and Unmatched Convenience

This flagship station is more than just its physical amenities. It’s about accessibility and peace of mind, offering 24/7 service with round-the-clock security. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, your charging needs are covered.

The Vision Behind the Station


Robert Barrosa, the big boss at Electrify America, shared the vision of making EVs accessible for everyone, especially in urban jungles like San Francisco. This indoor station isn’t just a charging spot; it’s a bold step towards integrating high-quality charging infrastructure right where people live and work.

The Design That Speaks “Future”

Drawing insights from customer feedback and trend research, the team behind this flagship station has crafted a space that puts the EV driver’s experience front and center. It’s all about creating a comfortable, community-centric spot that makes charging an EV as enjoyable as grabbing a coffee with friends.

What This Means for EV Drivers

For us EV enthusiasts, this is more than just a new charging station. It’s a sign of what’s to come – a future where charging an EV is as commonplace and convenient as filling up a gas tank, but with the added perks of sustainability and cutting-edge technology.

Wrapping Up: The Road Ahead

As Electrify America continues to roll out these flagship stations across the nation, it’s clear that the EV charging experience is evolving. The indoor station at Harrison Street is just the beginning. It’s about setting a new standard, not just for Electrify America but for the entire EV charging industry.

So, next time you’re in San Francisco and your EV needs a boost, swing by Harrison St. and experience the future of EV charging for yourself. It’s a small glimpse into a future that’s electric, innovative, and incredibly exciting.

Stay charged, stay green, and keep cruising the electric avenue!

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